The Key To Miracles

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.
Food For Thought

The Key to Miracles

If you read the Bible you will find that Jesus healed many people. Jesus would teach, preach and heal. There was also a pattern of behavior of many of the people that were healed. The people heard about Jesus, they believed what they heard and then they acted in faith. They got up and did something! Many times they sought Jesus out; they went to Him with great expectation. As a result, they were healed! If we want to receive our healing then we should imitate the people of the Bible. Jesus healed them, and He will heal us too. Go to church to hear the Gospel of Jesus, go to healing crusades to hear and to see how Jesus still heals today. Not only should you go, but you should go with a great expectation and faith. Remember to press in with faith, then believe and receive whatever it is you need from Him. Remember it is not man doing the healing, but it is our faithful Lord Jesus. He healed yesterday; He still heals today and forever more! Praise God, He is faithful and unchanging.